Our US Factory

Our US Factory

Over 300 products proudly made in our Minneapolis US Factory

The positive impact of “buying American” cannot be ignored. American-made goods contribute to our economy, security, safety, health, environment and local communities. Sure, overseas manufacturing might promise lower prices, but at what cost? Savvy American consumers now understand that widespread good comes from purchasing a product that’s made in the USA. Consumers deserve to see an American-made option that provides both quality and value in all categories of kitchenware and that’s where Nordic Ware shines. Since 1946, the Nordic Ware business model of manufacturing as many products as possible in the USA has resulted in a smaller eco-footprint, ongoing American job creation, and consistent, responsive customer service. This model also allows us to produce durable goods that stand the test of time. Domestic production gives us the distinct advantage of being able to carefully monitor what goes into our products, since the majority of them are made right here in our own back yard.

Nordic Ware’s Minneapolis-based manufacturing facilities provide jobs for hundreds of people in America at a time when most manufacturers in our industry have moved overseas. The people we employ in our local community are, in turn, able to support their families because of these jobs. There are other far-reaching benefits as well; consider the many local suppliers we are able to support with additional business on a daily basis when we make our products:

  • Minnesota and Wisconsin-based packaging and corrugated suppliers
  • Metal and raw material suppliers across the United States
  • Pennsylvania and Wisconsin-based coatings suppliers
  • Local machine shops
  • Local tool and die makers
  • Local contractors for services we require

We believe an American-made movement is rapidly unfolding in our country. The question is:

Will you join us and take a stand to be a part of it?

View our factory video to get a behind-the-scenes look at our Minneapolis, Minnesota factory and the people who help make the products you love!

Factory Update: Our Corporate Campus is Expanding!

Construction of New Shipping Facility started in 2021

We’ve got seventy-five years of history on which to build a bright future, and wow, are we building! New for 2022 are substantial expansions to our manufacturing and distribution areas along with a state-of-the-art dropship fulfillment center. We’ve added automated presses, material storage silos, shipping docks, spinning machines, a high-speed washer, a new cafeteria, additional offices and workstations, a photo studio, lots of windows for natural light and even an outdoor plaza with public access to a Bundt® Cafe (opening June of this year)! We’ve done this for our employees, who are the key to our success, and for our customers, whose needs are ever-changing. We’re committed to sustainably producing kitchenware that provides quality and value to customers around the world and we strive to manufacture products as efficiently as possible while providing jobs for Americans. We’re excited to show off our greatly enhanced corporate campus and manufacturing facility. Watch for an updated factory tour on our website coming soon!

New Shipping Building Interior 2021

New Shipping Docks

Outside of New Fulfillment Center

Work Stations in FC

Inside of FC

High Speed Washer

High Speed Washer Exterior

High Speed Washer Interior

Automated Presses